Lisa Joyce, MA, LPC
Counseling, Consulting and Hypnosis
5527 N. Union Blvd, Suite 203  Colorado Springs, CO 80918

** Effective Monday 3/16/2020 through at least Friday 4/10/2020, due to the Coronavirus and recommendations to avoid social contact to avoid spread of the virus, all appointmetns will be conducted via Telehealth.  To check in for your telehealth appointment, please go to .
Get out of your head and back into your life!
Are you struggling with overwhelming stress, intense emotions, relationship problems, chronic pain, or just can't seem to get out of your head?  Don't give up.  Many clients have come to therapy looking for answers, only to realize that greater comfort comes in having someone to help them weather the storm.  There are no easy answers to life's challenges.  Therapy is not about "fixing" individuals, but about listening to clients and helping them find a way to heal and resolve their problems in their own way.  Individuals who come to therapy are not "broken" or "messed up;" they are merely people doing the best they can and want help to feel better.  

Whether you have tried counseling before or it is your first time reaching out for help, I look forward to offering you a new perspective, an open mind and a new sense of hope.
---Lisa Joyce, MA, LPC